Hailing from Monterrey, Mexico, designer and visual artist Charlo emigrated to the US in 2013 and moved to Denver, Colorado in 2019 where a year later he began work on his first mural. Taking inspiration from Keith Haring, Remedios Varo, and MC Escher, Charlo’s style combines symbols, letters, and abstract linear movement to create a one dimensional world full of hidden themes and messages.

His 8th and largest mural was painted in the Fall of 2020 at 930 Inca St in Denver on a massive black cinderblock canvas. With the city skyline cresting the roof of the building in the distance, this would be Charlo’s “salute to the city.”

Charlo found his first canvases in the city through Next Door– he was eventually invited to their IPO on Wall Street where he live-painted a mural. He has since has gone on to receive major commissions from United,
Denver Broncos and more.

Director / DP: Josh Berman
Editor: Josh Berman