Summer Adventure Series

This series of 4 travelogue-style pieces was shot and edited during the summer of 2018 in various locations throughout Colorado for Freeskier Magazine.

As spring gives way to summer and the winter snowpack slowly trickles into nearby streams, our time in the mountains shifts focus to new activities. Each day brings with it the opportunity to revel in the glory of a favorite summer pastime, or better yet, step out of the comfort zone and try something entirely different.

FREESKIER’s Summer Adventure Series is a tribute to those summer days in the mountains. From the cool, trout-filled waters of the Fryingpan River; to the sheer rock walls of Eldorado Canyon; to the flowing singletrack trails of Fruita; and the world-class rapids of the Arkansas River, we’ve partnered with local athletes and storytellers in order to give you a glimpse into some of our favorite destinations and adventures in the Rocky Mountains. We hope that these inspire you to go out and have an adventure of your own.

Production on this project was tight, with a limited shooting window and limited resources, and little pre-production prior to shoot days. Each of the 4 episodes were 1-camera and 1-day shoots, usually from sun up to sun down. The talent was down to put in the long days on each shoot and gave us plenty of content to work with.

The VO for each piece was coordinated by Freeskier Magazine, in house, written by Mark Rauschenberger, and recorded by the voice of Greg Hydle.

DP and AD: Josh Berman
Editor: Jonny Durst
Music courtesy of Musicvine