The Mountain Collective 2020

Sizzle Reel

This 30-second sizzle was the first of several deliverables produced for The Mountain Collective 2020-21 campaign, highlighting resort partners around the world.

Producer: Josh Berman
Editor: Josh Berman
Motion Graphics: Georg Schui Baumann
Sound Design: Stephan Chaikovsky
Agency: Inkwell Media, Kyle Bruna, Patrick Crawford

Road Trip

Originally tasked with producing a campaign for The Mountain Collective pass focusing on the concept of “No Blackout Dates,” we had to do a quick pivot once travel restrictions and limitations of COVD turned the industry upside down. The revised road trip concept focused on our hopeful expectation that we’ll be able to hit the road this coming winter in our country or region and make the most of the coming ski season.

Produced by Level 1
Agency: Inkwell Media
Director: Josh Berman
Creative Director: Schui Baumann

Director of Photography: Josh Berman
AC: Stephan Chaikovsky
Additional content provided by resort partners

Editor: Josh Berman
Assistant Editor: Stephan Chaikovsky
Sound Design: Stephan Chaikovsky
Motion Graphics: Schui Baumann