Wells Lamont WorkWear

Level 1 was tasked with creating product-centric shorts for Wells Lamont to utilize in promoting their products on Amazon.  The short format, sheer number of products that needed to be included, and the necessity of letting the product take center stage didn’t leave much room for special sauce, but our team developed a concept where our talent- real world craftsmen, artists, and resort staff- designed and built Wells Lamont logos over the course of the shoot, illustrating the diversity and utility of the product line along the way.

Director: Josh Berman
Creative Director: Schui Baumann
Producer: Conor Smith
Production Coordinators: Devin Kearns & Greg Hydle
DP: Josh Berman
AC:  Stephan Chaikovsky
Editor: Josh Berman
Sound Design: Josh Berman
Color Grading: Josh Berman