WNDR Alpine Brand Launch

We had the pleasure of being tasked with creating content to help launch WNDR Alpine, a new brand re-imagining the construction of skis using material derived from algae oil, and helping to lead what we hope will be a green ski revolution.

Shooting was accomplished in just a few days with a small crew- 3 days on hill in Utah and 1 day each in biotech firm Checkerspot’s Berkeley, CA lab and WNDR’s ski production facility in Salt Lake City, UT. The tight schedule and limited access to facilities forced us to take a documentary-style approach with most content being shot handheld as we followed lab and ski techs going about their daily tasks.

Director/DP/Camera Operator: Josh Berman
Edit/Sound/Color: Josh Berman
AC: Stephan Chaikovsky
Motion Design: Georg “Schui” Baumann
Producers: Matt Sterbenz and Xan Marshland